Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Adopted to utilize most efficiently the human resources of our companies being among the leaders of the Turkish Metal Industry and expanding their capacity more and more with their new investments, with the aim of being open to change, employee- and environment-friendly, quality standards-compliant and customer-focused with the efficient use of its sources.

Our policy is based upon the designation of permanent staff, determination of personnel’s qualifications and competence required for each job title, planning, selection, recruitment, assignment and development of human resources, determination and planning of their training needs, and implementation of career planning in conformity with scientific methods.

To produce value added ideas and to develop creative and innovative systems by making all our stakeholders’ knowledge and experience usable in the interest of the company and employees.

To determine, implement and evaluate in the interest of the company the outcome of, any training programs aiming to bring the employees in necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors required for improving their occupational satisfaction and ensuring their achievement in workplace environment. To be respectful for human and environment, to develop systems in order to prevent industrial accidents, to enhance cooperation with competent authorities and local administrations, to give priority to the Occupational Health and Safety as well as Environment factor and to take measures and be organized so as to respond to emergencies.

Recruitment Policy

At our companies, Human Resources needs are determined by studies on Permanent Staff.

The annual Budget Planning includes also the Human Resources Planning.

In the recruitment process, to serve the primary purpose, efficient and highly motivated human resource is preferred, which is to provide cooperation and always move our works forward.

To that end, the recruitment advertising is made online via web portal and the curriculum vitaes are accepted through a job application system created in that website. The curriculum vitaes submitted through our corporate website are also taken under review. Among the applicants, those who have required qualifications are identified in parallel with our requirements and they are invited to an interview.

For any vacancies occurred at our companies, first the appropriate and convenient human resources available in the Group Companies are searched and assessed. By these internal placements, it is ensured that the employees can gain a sustainable momentum in their career.

Proper orientation programs are prepared for the recruited employees. Programs are offered with the cooperation to be created between the Human Resources units and the department of employment. Orientation program aims to ensure adaptation of the employee to the job and the business and to decrease the rate of labor turnover. To that end, the employee is provided information about the company policies, the company’s organizational structure, manufacturing process, social rights and responsibilities, work conditions, occupational safety and environment.

To implement a job rotation program. The employees are given opportunity to work at other but relevant departments for a time determined, especially during their early period of recruitment, in order to enhance their knowledge and experience.